Les sales têtes

Les sales têtes (2006)
≤ 52' Documentaire - 52' - En distribution

Directed by Davide Tosco

Berlin, 1943: Bruno Lüdke, a young man from the suburbs, is accused of having committed 81 murders. His looks seem to immediately give him away, especially his face: he looks angry and like a cold-blooded brute. The police investigating his case did not doubt his guilt for a second.
Today, even his name implies a horrifying serial killer.
Several questions are raised: What does a stereotypical brute look like? Has this stereotype changed throughout time? Who establishes the criteria for judging a brute and what logic are they based on?

We were very surprised to see that by asking these questions, we were taken on an interesting journey back in time, travelling to highly respectable places: science temples from the nineteenth century, research laboratories, scientific colloquiums, etc. We followed the footsteps of researchers, who were all driven by one single idea: discovering the laws that would determine their future actions, with the help of people’s bodies.


Directed by Davide Tosco
Written by Davide Tosco
Original Soundtrack Giorgio Li Calzi
Director of Photography Davide Tosco
Sound Engineer Cosimo Mero
Sound Design Aline Blondiau
Sound Mix Franco Piscopo
Editing Catherine Gouze
Original drawings Frederic Bezian
Production Manager Jean-Christophe Zelis
Producer Aurelien Bodinaux
Produced by Enrica Capra

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Technical Details: 

Genre Documentary – Colors
Language French
Subtitles English
Sound Stereo
Shot on DV Cam
Available on Beta Digit

Photos from the film: